When everyone is fine, and the cat wants too.

There were a lot of plans for this weekend. And they covered themselves with a copper basin, exactly at the moment when at ten in the morning on Saturday, Sasha took out two joysticks.

— Shall we play?

I wanted to run, but the cat was sleeping on me. So I just groaned in protest.

— Drop it! You’ll like it!

I really liked it. We had a lot of fun. They didn’t get out of bed at all, food had to be ordered, and Sunday evening came suddenly. We didn’t even get much sleep. Two days just went down the drain.

I played for a chubby uncle in a raincoat, Sasha was a girl — a thief and an uncle magician alternately. Needless to say, the players were named SkiziPuffy, SkiziGrandfather, and SkiziLady. Skizi the cat at that time was sleeping at the feet. This bum didn’t even get up when the courier came.

-Mazonkin, go open it! Sasha tried to push the cat out of bed.

— Uuuuuuu! — the cat yelled, immediately grabbing the blanket and my leg under it with all its claws.

-Aaaaaaaaaa!! I yelled, someone open it already!

Sasha had to go alone, and Skizi Pukhloi had to keep the defense alone. Skizi the cat agreed to get off my leg, but did not go to check.

Then the question loomed, who would go to put the kettle on. I had to run fast. I bet, Sasha ran and poured. We are a great team. On this occasion, the cat was given a piece of meat. (And he got the pate on schedule!)

After sleeping, the cat stood up. Stretched sweetly, yawned. Looked around. Gathered his strength and galloped off to the kitchen. Then he came back just as quickly. Well, he runs and runs, we also ran to the kitchen for apples. We crunch in between. And the cat is chirping. It didn’t take long for me to realize that he was chomping. Because champing means eating. And what does he eat in bed, a kind of dunce ??? Of course, your meat! He ran, grabbed and dragged him to bed! On a white, damn it, plaid! Well, yes, we eat in bed, but is he worse ??? Of course, the cat was scolded and expelled to the bowl. But then he still brought food to the threshold of the bedroom and ate there. And now, not only did I not get enough sleep on the weekend, I also have to wash the floors after work, and again carry the blanket to the dry cleaner ((Idleness, however, is exhausting)

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