Tale of Eternal 8

Didn’t get much sleep. The sun was mercilessly hot, and Mark again suffered from stuffiness. Even in the shade of the garden. At twelve the first visitors arrived. Eva with her grandfather and mother. They thanked us heartily and left a whole bucket of strawberries. Then other neighbors came. Also with gratitude and small requests.

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— I see, your popularity is growing. — Lilith appeared on the porch after dinner. She patted the exasperated cat on the withers and tasted the strawberries. -Oooh, I like that.

-Help yourself. — Mark grumbled and seeing new visitors at the gate, he disappeared into the house. — Tell me I’m gone.

He felt uncomfortable. Not used to external attention. And even more unusual from the fact that the attention was benevolent. Not sidelong glances furtively, but an open smile. This can lead to friendship, and friendship can lead to unexpected visits. And unexpected visits lead to problems. Mark clearly felt that everything was getting out of control.

Do you want me to eat them for you? Lilith asked affectionately, biting into another strawberry.

Mark stood at the door and reluctantly went to the gate. Really. Found someone to ask.

«I’m kidding!» Just in case, she shouted after him.

-Maybe next. — He waved it off.

The visitors kept coming until late in the evening. Someone simply thanked, someone was eager to know the details, and everyone, without exception, was interested in Lilith. I had to call her my niece. But as it happens, one lie led to another. I had to invent a brother. Settle him in the south of the country and marry him to a slender mulatto.

I got my eyes and hair from my mom! – Lilith spoke with inspiration.

And Mark was surprised to think about how easy it is to turn into the wrong path. It is worth lying once, and it becomes impossible to stop.

After sunset, they again sat with tea on the porch. During the day they became the happy owners of strawberries, a barrel of honey, three cans of pickled cucumbers, a kilogram of tomatoes, an impressive piece of lard and three dozen eggs. Lilith tried one treat after another, and in the end decided that cucumbers with honey were quite good. Mark tried not to look at it. And Shadow went away altogether. It is clear, if a lady has such food addictions, then what else can she like? But the undisputed favorite for Lilith was the strawberry.

-Well. not so bad here. I mean in this world. She sighed, sending juicy berries one after another into her mouth.

-This is the first time? When are you here?” Mark asked cautiously.

-Not. Many years ago I was already on earth. Then I didn’t like it. The plague was rampant and there was too much stench. 1346. Cuff.

— I’m embarrassed to ask, was the plague raging before you came, or did it start after? He didn’t know how to ask more gently about something exciting. It couldn’t be allowed to close again. To meet trouble fully armed, you need to know what kind of weapon to prepare.

— What am I, a rat? — Lilith was indignant. -Mark, it was not me who threw the corpses of the infected into Kaffa with catapults. You could say I came to see what people are capable of on their own.

— Then it’s scary to imagine what they are capable of under your leadership. Mark didn’t hold back.

Lilith laughed.

“You folks are surprisingly vain. Everything in the universe, in all worlds, must revolve around you! What makes you think I’m interested in doing this rat race??

-Then what are you doing here, Lilith?

— I’m eating strawberries. She shrugged.

-What else? You’re hiding, right? Maybe it’s better if you tell me the truth? And then maybe I…

— Don’t work hard. She interrupted his cautious speech and discarded the last berry. She got up and walked towards the forest. Her white robe was barely visible in the falling darkness. Mark followed.

— You can stay if you want. — He said, rather to clear his conscience. His whole being knew for sure that he had to stay away from the demon. And even if now she is powerless, then everything can change. Does he want to bring trouble on all these people that were in his garden today?

-Truth? I can? Lilith twisted her beautiful lips caustically. “I don’t need your permission. I always decide what to do!

For a moment it seemed to the Witcher that it seemed to grow even darker around them.

“Lilith.” He tugged at her sleeve warningly. The shadows seemed to come to life. They pulled their tentacles towards them, advancing from the forest like a solid wall. They seemed to come to life.

— Run, Mark. The girl said calmly. -Go to the house. It’s behind me.

He didn’t like her tone. Tired voice. Doomed.

-Let’s go. Ignoring her resistance, he grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the light, the lantern was still burning on the porch.

— You can’t do anything. — She said, but nevertheless, hurriedly followed. -I don’t have the energy for that. He’s coming.

-Who? Lilith, who’s coming?

He grabbed Shadow’s armpit and threw the cat into the house. Lilith followed. Mark stopped on the porch. I turned around to get a better look at the enemy. But for now, only darkness descended on them.


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