Leisure with a cat.

I don’t know how it works. When I’m looking for a new movie or series, I always want to find something fun, positive. And as a result, it’s scary to sleep later. Yesterday I wanted something light, light, maybe romantic. How did it happen that at three in the morning my cat and I were watching the fourth episode of The Exorcist??

The cat was not named. He himself came. At first he sat next to Sasha, and actively helped to play. Sasha was carried away by some kind of walker-shooter. He played with the team and yelled something into the microphone all the time. It was necessary to receive tasks and then complete them. For example, the extermination of any mobs. Here the cat also helped to catch. Very active. At first he just tried to jump on the monitor, then he became smarter. He climbed onto the shelf from above and tried to reach out from there. It was inevitable. That it will fall right on the keyboard. And while Father Markus exorcised the devil on the screen, Sasha exorcised the cat in real life. The cat was offended and banished to the sofa. Settled down. But then he gradually got closer. I understand cats are good empaths. But I want to believe that he, too, watched and was afraid. And the fact that I’m such a coward??

Then Sasha went to sleep.

— Well, no! Play some more! At least one episode!! — I asked.

— Eyes are already sticking together, let’s tomorrow.

And left. Traitor. He hung his headphones on a hook, hid the muff from the microphone, and left. But the worst thing is that the cat is also going.

-Eeeee!! What are you?? — I wanted to grab him, but he twisted away and with a proudly raised tail ran after Sasha.

I was left alone with another horror story. I see that I don’t touch anyone. I’m shaking, of course. Light has already begun. The case is drawing to a close. The most fear begins. The cat has just returned. He lay down on Sashka’s table, and put his front paws on the back of the sofa.

And then they sneeze behind me.

It’s very scary, you know. When someone sneezes in an empty room. Especially when on TV the obsessed jump on the ceilings. The cat immediately disappeared. He jumped off the table immediately to the threshold, jumped up, pushed off the wall and dived straight into the basin. I just turned around.

Sanya, are you there? They asked for headphones. -Why do not you sleep???

I went to wake up Sasha. So what if it’s early morning. My cat has a heart attack, rabies is his fault, I have rights! And she also expressed to our friend everything that I think. And he told me the ending of the film in retaliation. Infection… Now what?! You need to look for a new series … Positive. Happy. Maybe romantic.

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