If it wasn’t for the cat.

When there is a child in the house, you strive to secure your home. It seems to me that everything is simple. You know what things can harm him, and you put them away. But a cat? Do I need to do something if a cat starts up in the house?

We have everything hidden more for reasons of our safety than the safety of the cat. Well, I do something for him too. I check the washing machine before use, because sometimes he sleeps there. And an oven. Because there was a precedent. I also throw out garbage more often than usual (well, or I hide it on the balcony)))

But how was I to know that the stopper of an oil bottle was such a terrible traumatic thing??? Why did I need to know this? Who can even imagine that a little thing can bring at least some harm ??

I was making a salad and ran out of oil. Got a new bottle. I unscrewed the lid, pulled out the plug, and threw it in the trash. The cat followed, of course. We had dinner and went about our business, I for a book, Sasha for a computer, the cat in the trash.

-Skizi, what’s going on! Sasha shouted.

-Uuuu.- The cat grumbled discontentedly.

-Get out immediately, you pomoechny cat!!! — I was indignant.

-Ururru uuuu.- The cat yelled, pulled himself up, and still dropped the bucket.

I began to swear, but the cat still refused to clean up after itself. I had to go myself. Of course, I stepped on this oily little thing and almost sat down on the twine.

— Mason!!! I yelled. Damn, I hurt my knee again.

-Skiziee!! — Sasha helped to get up and threw the garbage back.

The cat grabbed his prey and ran away. But he returned a minute later. I instantly regretted that there was no holy water in the house. He walked somehow sideways and desperately hysterically coughed. This happens to them before spitting out a ball of hair. An unpleasant sight. He spat out a tuft of wool and with it a piece of the plug. I cracked it open and ate half of it! Where is the second one? Guess who checked the remnants of the plug in the spit out wool?

-Did you eat it???? — I was outraged.

-Uuu uuuu.- The cat sighed sadly and sadly and went to eat.

After making sure that the cat was healthy, Sasha tidied up. I was already carrying a garbage bag to the door when the second part of the plug was found. Of course, he stepped on his bare heel. And he jumped as if he had stepped on a nail. Also waving rubbish. How many problems from some little stupidity!

So how can you be sure that your home is your castle???

Although, if you get rid of the cat, then the house will become much safer … But it’s still a question of who is to blame. Cat or stub?)

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