Tale of Eternal 6

«What’s your name, baby?» Mark asked, suddenly recollecting himself.

And I didn’t want to be silent. The forest surrounding them was filled with darkness. Already not a single ray made its way through the thicket. The blackness swallowed up all the shadows. I had to repeat the magic words over and over again in order to see at least something in the pitch darkness. The girl, frightened, clung to him with her whole body and concentratedly sniffed somewhere in his ear. He himself was somehow uneasy. Only Lilith seemed careless.

The beginning of the story is here:


-Eve. — The girl answered.

And the witcher suddenly hung up. He laughed so hard that needles fell from the nearest pines. But he stumbled upon the impenetrable look of black eyes and stopped short. Doesn’t look good. Let the demon, but still a woman.

-Come on, you can’t help but appreciate the irony!

-Ha-ha-ha. Lilith said haughtily, crossing her arms over her chest. «You’d better think about how you’re going to get out.» Aren’t you tired of walking in circles?

The witcher frowned.

«What’s your name?» Eve asked out of place.

— You fool! — Mark barked to himself, only now realizing how right Lilith was. And what really lies behind her words. — Sit here.

-Where are you going!!! I’m with you!!! squealed the little one, clinging to him with her hands and not allowing him to put her on the ground.

— Hush, what are you doing. I’m not going anywhere. I just need free hands.” He explained affectionately, and barked. — Lilith!

-Do not even ask! I won’t sit with a kid. Lilith turned away.

-Truth? The Witcher got angry. “Then can you dump it back where you came from?” Or help you?! It’s not difficult for me, I’m not even out of breath !!!

— And you try to cope! — Lilith, although she was three times smaller, fearlessly advanced. She pushed him in the chest, and Mark had to step back. -Don’t you dare threaten me!

The witcher sighed. Exhaled.

— Just sit next to her. I’ll just look around. — He said as calmly as possible.

-With whom? Lilith raised a thin eyebrow.

The witcher turned around quickly. Eve was gone.

-That’s still not enough. He grumbled, looking around. — Ewaaaaaa!!

Whom to tell, they will not believe! Lilith was clearly enjoying herself.

Mark took a deep breath. He rubbed his face with his palms. Calmly. You have only two tasks. Firstly. Find a girl. Secondly. Do not nail this one … Although, perhaps, there is only one. That’s it and focus on!

Accustomed to living alone, Mark often had internal dialogues with himself. And like any detailed person, he loved clear tasks. Task number one. Find a girl. She must have been scared because they were screaming loudly.

-Ewaaa. Come out baby. Do not be afraid of anything! he called.

— How did you live up to your age, if you are so stupid ??? Lilith suddenly got angry. Viciously said. — Close eyes!

He obeyed rather intuitively. Not having time to really understand anything, he closed his eyes. And when, indignantly, he opened them, the world seemed completely different.

There was no more darkness. The world was seen in a billion shades of all colors. Clearly — every tree, twig, needle, every insect in the grass. The air around is transparent-bluish. It has green mist. Magic Leshy. Yes to him. Already quite far considered swamp-green clot of magic. And a girl saw him with a scarlet color. He turned to Lilith. Her true form frightened her. But in a moment, through the animal hypostasis, a woman appeared. With red curls to toe and eyes half a face. So I would have remained watching, frozen in a column of salt. But beautiful knowledge stretched out a thin hand to him and gave him a slap in the face.

— Don’t stop!! You don’t have much time!!!

The witcher was embarrassed, looked around again and rushed forward, after the girl.

Later he would have to think about why Lilith was helping him. And why was she afraid of some kind of Leshy. With her strength. And what does she really want from him? And now we need to deal with more important matters. The closer he got, the clearer he saw. A clot of marsh mud took on a terrible shape. Leshy rarely live in pairs. And they do not let any strong enemy into their territory. Even wild animals. That’s why he relaxed. And this darkness, even gouge out your eye. And Lilith is terribly annoying. Annoyed. Ugh you!! Think of the baby, Mark!!


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