Tale of Eternal 7

The Witcher did it quickly. A paralyzing spell and Eve collapsed into the grass with a screech. Further — easier. A few combat pulsars and that’s it. I looked around longer, watching the green mist dissipate. When there was no trace left of the intoxicating fog, he returned to the girl. He took it in his arms.

Let’s go home, poor fellow.

-Mark!!!- Little Eve hugged him. Hot tears fell behind the collar, and the girl was clearly not going to calm down.

The beginning of the story is here:


— Well, that’s enough. Lilith made a displeased face. — Do not Cry. Now that’s all.

— How do you know? — Smearing the sleeve of the snot asked the girl.

-Because the big and strong witcher won’t screw up this time! He can’t be like this twice in one hour…

“Lilith!!” Mark barked, but Eve seemed to have calmed down.

— Fool. — All the same, the demoness finished her thought.

“You sure you can’t?” Eve asked, looking suspiciously at the man.

— Shut up. — He sighed.

-Let’s go. Lilith hurried forward, and Mark followed her, not at all doubting the correctness of her chosen direction.

They returned to the village at dawn. They handed over the sleeping girl to the grandfather and returned to the hut. By the time the sun touched the tops of the trees, Mark was pouring tea into a large mug. I thought and filled another one. Again he thought a little, and still handed it to Lilith.

-Let’s talk? — He asked gloomily.

— Not interested. — She threw it, but took the cup. «Are you going to be annoying again?» She took a sip of tea and mimicked. What do you want here, Lilith? Leave me alone, Lilith! Come out unclean. Let me just…

-Thanks. Mark interrupted her. — For helping me. I’m not clear on the motives, but you helped from the start.

-What are you talking about? I was just bored. Lilith waved. But Mark’s skin felt how much she tensed.

— You walk without touching the ground.

So maybe I’m a saint? Lilith snorted, still trying to knock him off and divert the conversation in another direction.

“Definitely not.” Mark rolled his eyes, but continued patiently. — The branch crunched. You got attention. Thank you. And then she suggested. Thank you.

— Well, don’t. Lilith finished her tea in two gulps and tossed the mug away. Black eyes stared into the soul.

— Why? — He said, not really hoping for an answer.

-Boring. I became unbearably bored there. Lilith got up. And she muttered as she walked away. And now it’s boring too.

Also, you were scared of him. — Said to her back.

Lilith had already opened the door, about to cross the threshold. She froze for a moment. Then she slowly turned around. Good, don’t wait.

“Are you out of your mind?” She advanced rapidly. — Do you think I can be afraid of someone ??? Especially such a riffraff! You’re crazy, witcher!

She pushed him in the chest, but Mark was ready. He did not retreat, but intercepted his hands clenched into fists. He was momentarily surprised at how huge his hands seemed on her wrists. And how much power in these hands.

— So what are you doing here and what are you afraid of? — All the same, he asked.

Lilith froze for just a moment. Then, with violent fury, she pushed him away from her. Freed, she hurried into the house. She slammed the door.

— Urrr. — Unkindly responded from under the porch Shadow.

-And do not say. The witcher sighed.

Try as he might, he no longer saw her as a demon. And not so much because of the beautiful attractive vision that popped up in the memory every time you look at her. He didn’t feel the power in her. Demon power. At first, the name alone stunned him so much that he did not even think to look.on her. Then he was too busy. But in granting him sight, she unwittingly betrayed herself. You could say she showed herself to him. And what do we have? A demon that has lost its power? And what does she need here? Is he running for some reason? Hiding? But they are on different sides. People like him are called to stand guard in order to subdue people like her. He rubbed his eyes wearily. You’re running for some reason dear. From something so terrible that seeking protection from the eternal enemy turned out to be the lesser evil. From someone who could take your powers. And despite the stuffiness that the rising sun brought with it, a chill ran through him. Something terrible is coming.


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