Tale of Eternal 16

I have to. Mark thought darkly.

-Where is your amulet? — He asked, somewhat confused.

— I won’t go alone.

Mark ruffled his hair again. OK. Let this Adam go, he’s ready. Adam really came. Appeared in a dazzling pillar of light, gracefully bowed.


A Tale of the Eternal. Notes on Skizi October 26, 2021

«I’ll give you a chance, mortal.» He stated pathetically in his impossible voice. Take me and I’ll give you whatever you want!

Mark rubbed his temple. Be afraid of the Danes who bring gifts. He turned his gaze to Lilith. A cobweb is stuck in her hair, a cedar cone is nervously twisting in her fingers. And wherever I found, cedar grows on the other side of the river in one place. It’s all spruce and pine forest. His eyes flickered to the cat, the torn pouch at his feet. I just noticed that something is missing. And at that very moment, this whole huge, too unthinkable puzzle formed into a simple picture. What was happening became quite obvious. HE divided the world. The meek, that is, the people, will inherit the earth. Heaven for light, dungeons for darkness. Therefore, if a person rules the ball on earth, then neither one nor the other can take away the power of Lilith without him. Therefore, he promises gifts, and she seduces. Don’t lie to yourself, you knew it from the start! It’s obvious that they want to take advantage of you. And it’s up to you to decide

— Ask her. Only she knows the way. Mark pointed to Lilith.

Dark eyes narrowed.

— Don’t dream.

— I don’t need to. Adam said and held out his hand. — I order.

Lilith screamed. She collapsed to her knees, and clasping her head in her hands, howled. The shadow shied away. At first, the cat was about to run away, then rushed to Mark, but changed his mind and rushed to Adam, took off on unthinkable robes and clung to his ear with all his strength. Mark rushed to Lilith.

Yes, he knows everything, but that’s no reason! Pathetic attempt to justify himself to himself. Don’t lie to yourself. You can’t bear it! And it’s a shame that Shadow did more for her than you!

Adam howled, tried to throw off the cat, but he only clenched his teeth more tightly.

-How are you? Mark grabbed her by the shoulders.

Lilith raised her head to him. Blood dripped from his eyes and ears. Red. Like people.

-Listen to me. Just take us there. Everything will be fine.” He whispered as he helped her up.

«Believe you??» Lilith hissed, pushing his hands away from her. -Why did it happen?? You are the same as everyone else.

— You’ll have to. — He said, taking her by the hand. “I know you failed. And I know the place. But I don’t want him to hurt you.

He fished a bump out of her palm and threw it into the bushes. A second later, Shadow also flew there.

-Hey!! It’s just a cat! — Mark shouted.

Adam has already come to his senses, put his clothes in order.

— Are we going, or will you set someone else on me? — He asked, touching his fingers, healing the torn flesh. So this is how it is. Not much effort. Mark stroked his sore side. Nothing, somehow he will heal, humanly.

Lilith gave Adam a hateful look.

-Don’t fall behind. — She strained through her teeth and turned, went to the river.

Adam followed, and Mark waited until Shadow emerged from the bushes.

-Of course, of course, let’s throw cats! — he grumbled, limping. Mark picked up the cat.

— You’re nothing to me, hero. Thank you for standing up. — He said a little audibly, stuffing the cat into the bag.

-You didn’t mean to!

— You didn’t like her.

— I don’t like you either, but they don’t give up their own. — The cat grumbled and put on the flap of the bag, showing that the conversation was over.

Mark hurried forward. We still need to decide how to cross the river.


Tale of the Eternal 17Skizi NotesOctober 29, 2021

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