How to tame a cat.

I used to love watching races as a child. All the supercars, the screeching tires, the risky overtaking, the victories, I loved it all.

Yesterday I come home, and Sasha watches a report about one of the races.

— Look what I’ll show you!

And he shows me how the cars go into a turn, one of them presses against the one in front and just takes off out of the blue. There was no collision. The front wheels come off, the car turns, a terrible accident, but everyone is alive. This is not the result of a collision, this is the result of a mistake by the developers of this machine.

-Horrible!!! What are you showing me, damn it! — I was indignant.

— Urruru uuuu uuu! — The cat was also indignant. Only I demanded to turn it off, and he repeated it.

And don’t show the cat! He is still small! And will be furious!

— Cat, did you hear? Cats are not allowed! Sasha said.

— Uuuu uuuu! — The cat screamed instantly and tried to get me with his paw.

— Yes go you, both, two. — I got offended. And I wanted to go to the kitchen.

The cat thought it was a race. Five times drove to the bowl and back, until I took half a step. Just in case, she froze. I’ll stand by until he calms down.

I don’t know if he did it by accident or he rehearsed, but it turned out spectacularly. He ran to the bathroom, flew back, slipped into the kitchen with a police turn, jumped up somehow sideways, fell and slid forward by inertia. He stopped a millimeter from my foot.

— Uuuu? — He asked somehow joyfully and galloped back to the bathroom.

-Taaaak. — I held out. Why did you irritate the cat? No racing in the house!! Forbidden!! Turn it off immediately!!

-OK OK! Sasha agreed, and switched to something more peaceful.

But walking around the apartment did not become easier at all. The cat jumped out just from everywhere, rolled up to the very feet and joyfully ran away. Sometimes he did not have time to slow down and then a small engine crashed into his legs. Not funny at all. I almost fell three times. In the end, she could not stand it and scolded Sasha.

-OK OK! Skiziii!!!

Do you know what a grown man did to calm a cat? Scolded or threatened with a towel? No matter how! Started running after him. I hid behind the curtain, it seems that we were in solidarity with her on this issue. Maybe a little eccentric, but it helped. A minute later, Skeezy tried to get through the curtain. But here we were in solidarity, and we expelled the troublemaker in a shaggy ass. He left to complain to the blonde. So, damn it, and we live …

And in general, I liked it. If you want to watch Marvel again, or whatever else infuriates the cat, Sasha will always be able to repeat the «taming» of the furry one!)))

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