Tale of Eternal 15

Mark warmed up, but the dream no longer went. Worried about the wound, and the smell. The bitter smell of wormwood from her hair. The cat moved a little and fell asleep. His growl quickly turned into a snort. The right ear immediately blocked up.

-You don’t snore quietly. Lilith spoke softly.


A Tale of the Eternal. Notes on Skizi October 12, 2021

-You’re all lying. Mark waved. He smoothed her naughty hair, which strove to get into her nose. — Go to sleep.

-It’s strange, but the longer I’m on earth, the more human I need. Lilith sighed. “Sleep is only possible in this world.

She rolled onto her back, placing her elbow under his head. The stars were reflected in the black eyes and a slight smile touched her lips.

-Beautiful sky, really. I love this world more than others. She said with a dreamy smile.

-And many of them, other worlds?

-More than stars. Always wondered where you people get such stupid names from? Why Ursa Major? Why not just a bucket? She looked at him questioningly, too close. Mark took a deep breath. Which didn’t help much. The smell of wormwood interfered and confused thoughts.

— It’s from the myths. Clearing his throat, he continued. — Ursa Major is the nymph Callisto, whom Zeus lifted up to save. They say that Hera was something else.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed how the corner of her lips trembled and smiled too.

— I won’t tell you anything. Many knowledge — many sorrows. Lilith replied with a smile.

“Then tell me, why are you really looking for your power?” To call your legion here and walk the earth in a bloody march? he asked dispassionately, moving away a little.

She turned to him and looked into his eyes.

-And if so? What do you want? Have you seen something good from people? I have seen your life. Sorry, I’m too curious. Most of the time you were unhappy. Then why not? Join me and let’s march together? What do you say? She spoke calmly and a little slyly, but the reflections of the stars laughed in her eyes.

-Not. In any case, no. There are many beautiful things in the world. For example, stars. She’s close, too close. The heart was beating faster and faster.

-They’ll stay. Lilith shrugged.

— Then taiga. Sun, rain, moon. Children. Love. — Too close.

Come on, you don’t know love. — She even sat down, instantly letting him chill, and Mark breathed deeply, getting rid of the obsession of wormwood.

-And you? Are you aware? — He asked, afraid to frighten her. Now, he felt it, she was open.

-I know something else. Betrayal. Pain. Resentment. Yearning. Loneliness. Lilith said, then suddenly drooped, lay down beside her. She curled up into a ball and leaned against his side. Mark wrapped his good arm around her and pulled her closer.

-This is only one side of the coin. The other is much lighter. — He said, smelling the wormwood again.

She turned to him, moved closer and touched his ear with hot lips.

— When they come, pick me. And then we will return to this topic. Sleep!

And Mark fell asleep, in the same second he fell into a serene dreamless sleep. Only the smell of wormwood soothingly enveloped from head to toe. Mark woke up when the smell was gone. Suddenly he was afraid that he would never feel it again and woke up. Looked around for Lilith.

-Gone. On her own, alone, without us. Dropped like orphans! — Commented the cat, busily rummaging through the bag. — She took everything, left only here, some kind of rag and dust!

Mark looked confusedly at the canvas bag shamelessly ripped open by the cat and jumped up. Ignoring the pain in his side, he rushed to the bag. I looked through everything, but I did not find the second bag. Gone, that is. Why? What for? Where should she go? If she could do it herself, alone, then why did she ask him? Why did he go? Are you serious about helping? Now they will be here, warriors of light, and how to get out???

-Mark? What are you? Lilith was there. — How did you sleep? How is your side? I think we’re already close. On the other side of the river, I can feel it!

Mark just ran his fingers through his hair. My heart was beating like crazy. Fool. And why do you need it???

-Shadow? He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at the cat.

— And I said so, I left for reconnaissance!

Shadow… I.I’ll kill you!!!! If only we survived! Everything around was already filled with unbearable bright light.

-Run. Come on, go away. Faster! Mark urged her on.

-Too late. Lilith sighed. Came closer. She placed her hands on his chest and looked into his eyes. -Will you think of something?


Tale of the Eternal 16Skizi NotesOctober 26, 2021

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