The cat and the mysterious disappearance.

Sasha and I sometimes play board games. Not as serious fans as some of our friends. But sometimes we play at home. Recently got hooked on the EXIT puzzles. We are already solving the fourth one!

Card game. Solve the puzzle on the first card, take the second. If it doesn’t work, take a hint. You can peep the answer, but it’s better to strain yourself. Of course, there is a map. And improvised pictures that help in the game. There is also a secret clue card.

(We tried this one on the widget first. Yes, yes, 120 minutes and not 6 hours!)

-Here look! Where is this card?! Sasha even jumped. — Almost done!!

-Exactly!! Secret Card!! — I was glad. Since we are not playing the first game, we knew exactly where it was hidden. They found it right away and just put it aside.

Here, of course, we must say how we play. All cards are in the box, the excess is hidden. In the event of a cat attack, Sasha saves the cards. I have a map and everything. Ideally, first torture the cat with a laser pointer. Or just drive. Let him hide from us in his basin. Then we can play.

A secret clue card will help you jump over a level or two. The game is not that for a while. But there is a rating. The first game had to be solved in two hours maximum, we did it in six fucking hours. Then better, but still far from the record. So it’s a matter of honor, so to speak.

I looked for a secret card. Nowhere!

— Have you lost your secret card? — Sasha was indignant.

— She’s around here somewhere!

I rummaged through the entire sofa. The whole box. She checked her pockets, hers and Sasha’s.

“Where is it?” I panicked.

— Skiziii! — Sashka yelled. — What did you take?

It seems not. But with this cat, you can’t be completely sure! The first thing I looked at was the tray. Then they searched the apartment. There is no card. Gone. Not only did they not find it, they also lost time searching!

And where is this card? The cat turns away and fights off claims with its tail!

I have a feeling he ate it. Generally. I’ll clean up. I wonder if paper is completely digested? Another version is UFO. But can a cat tolerate competition? And do not say that he is not guilty, he licked his lips suspiciously before the game!

Therefore, I propose to place bets. Personally, I bet that he ate it! And in general, it seems to me, a little more, and the cat will mysteriously disappear in the house!

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