Tale of Eternal 14

Mark fell asleep without waiting for porridge. He fell into deep oblivion. But even in the dream there was no rest.

— My dear boy, I knew that you would get stuck! The voice sounded vaguely familiar to him. He searched with his eyes, trying to fish out the right one from the shadows. — We can only hope that you will not be stupid, Marik.


A Tale of the Eternal. Notes on Skizi October 12, 2021


-Grandmother. He saw a beautiful woman emerge from the shadows. Proud to become, pitch-black hair, without a single gray hair. Piercing green eyes. The last time he saw her, she was damn old. I joked stupidly. “Death is good for you.

— So big, but the mind has not amassed. The old witch chuckled.

— But why are you here? — Suddenly scared. “You… you can’t…”

-Take it easy. She pressed a cold hand to his lips. “I chose where I want to be. I should have looked after you. And, as you can see, not in vain.

-But… grandma, I’ve been an adult for a long time! -Mark didn’t believe himself, it sounded so pathetic.

— You contacted a demon, Marik! With a demoness, with Lilith!! Has she messed with your brain yet? The woman patted his cheek, just like a little one. «You don’t believe her, do you?» If the demoness gains strength on earth, she will call her legion behind her! Nothing alive will remain! No wonder the saints kept her locked up for so long! She is full of revenge.

— I know, bah. I don’t believe her. But so do they.

-It’s my fault. Or merit. Perhaps merit. Know. Now many have turned their eyes to you.

“But doesn’t the bag protect us?!” Mark was surprised.

-Protects on the ground. But from here, from here we can see. Be careful, Marky.

She touched her lips to his cheek and disappeared. And Mark briefly fell asleep. Jumped out of oblivion into an impossible light.

— You’re hurt, man. This is our fault. — Said the same, velvety, impossibly pleasant voice. Adam. “We didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

“Then why don’t you help?” Mark chuckled, covering his eyes with his hands, because the light burned unbearably.

-Let’s help. Throw out the protection and we will come. I promise I will heal you.” Adam promised sincerely.

— And now, now you can’t?

“I can, but…” Adam didn’t have time to finish. A sharp pain pierced his side and Mark quickly jumped up.

— Are you alive at all? — Lilith looked at him worriedly. She squeezed her shoulders with a steel grip.

-Hey!!! A little more and that will change!! Mark croaked.

-Sorry. I’m sorry. I thought you were in danger.” She helped him lie down. She crouched nearby. -You do not mind? Cold, probably.

She curled up, resting her head on his shoulder. The day was already over, and the impenetrable night did not indulge in warmth.

— Are you cold? — He was surprised, smoothing her hair so that it did not climb into her face. It definitely smells like wormwood.

-I? Not! You are dying. Unfortunately, the remnants of my magic won’t be enough to patch you up. Or warm up.

-But you, remember, gave me a different vision. And the cat ..- Mark asked a question that had been bothering him for a long time.

-Because one sorcery comes easier than another. Sleep now. Hey. Shadow! Go here!! Lie on the other side. Serve at least as a heating pad, you useless creature!

— As if you were of much use, the porridge burned down too! — The cat was indignant, but nevertheless got closer. He leaned against his sore side and groaned.


Tale of the Eternal 15Skizi NotesOctober 25, 2021

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