Tale of Eternal 13

Lilith attacked before the witcher could stop her. She must not have known. The bear is the only animal on whom magic acts solely as an irritant. Previously, there were also dragons, but they all came out. With a desperate jerk, he managed to pull her out from under the bear’s slap in the face. The claws ripped open the hem of the dress, but Lilith survived.

Beginning of the tale:

A Tale of the Eternal. Notes on Skizi October 12, 2021

-What is this??? What the hell???? Lilith yelled, frightenedly examining the dress.

Mark pulled out the knife and rushed at the beast. Now it was not worth dreaming that the bear would simply pass by. They were no longer able to escape. All that remained was to hope for a better outcome. The main thing is not to let him crush you. They rolled down, crushing bushes and deadwood under them. Mark plunged the knife into the well-fed carcass with all his strength, and with all his strength he pressed the handle. They tangibly crashed into a tree and their tandem broke up. Lilith was right there, helped to get up. The bear jumped up on its own and quite briskly sped off into the taiga.

-How are you? — Frightened asked, holding it.

-OK-OK. — Mark nodded his head and immediately collapsed into the spruce branch face forward. A dry branch stuck out in his side, and his T-shirt was soaked with blood.


She looked around to see if anyone else was going to attack them. Bent over Mark.

-Hey!! Come to your senses!! She turned him over on his side and smacked him hard on the cheeks.

Mark groaned. I tried to sit up, but the sharp pain did not give. Fell down.

— Lie down. I am now. She tore off her T-shirt and examined the wound. — Hold on, okay. I am now.

She exhaled, intercepted the bough more comfortably and pulled it properly.


-Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!- Lilith panicked, and seriously tried to push the bitches back.

— Have you lost your mind????? Mark yelled. He was shaking and blood was oozing from the wound. He squeezed his side with his hand. We need to stop the bleeding.

Lilith was saying something, but his ears were already buzzing and consciousness left him.


First, the sounds returned.

“What, they didn’t teach you how to heal?! A vaguely familiar voice spoke. Not so long ago, he had heard it somewhere.

— Of course, they didn’t teach! — Lilith hissed in response. “I am the first demon!! They didn’t teach me anything at all!

— You should have licked it! Everyone knows this!


What?? Mark forced his eyes open. The feeling was terrible.

-Look, I’m awake! — Lilith was delighted, bent over him, helping him to sit more comfortably.

-Yes. No matter how hard you try, Mark is alive with us!

Only then did Mark see the cat. Shadow?!

— He himself came! Lilith sighed. -Come on, tell me, how can I help you?

Mark looked at the wound. Lilith did nothing but tie his T-shirt tightly around her side, but it was already soaked with blood again.

-Help, the river is somewhere not far away. We need to wash off the blood.

Step by step, they made their way to the river. The ice cold water relieved the pain for a while. There was always a first-aid kit with herbs on duty in the bag. Witcher or not, the taiga is a dangerous place. Nettle leaf, burnet root, plantain and something else.

— Crush into dust, mix with water and spread. He instructed.

-Better just lick it! Any cat knows! Shadow growled.

-Listen, can you somehow turn it back, well, translate it into feline. Mark got angry.

-If you really want it. Look like this? She showed him a brown gruel.

-Yeees. it seems. smear. Wait, I’ll just catch my breath first. He took several deep breaths. — Let’s.

— Weird people. You lick everything. Fuuuuuu. The shadow even turned away.

Lilith tried to be careful. The forehead was crossed by a vertical wrinkle. The lip is bitten, in the eyes of horror. Mark even took pity on her for a moment.

She managed, then bandaged him tightly and helped him get comfortable. She put the pot on the fire.

— Are you going to cook some porridge? Shadow grumbled, settling next to Mark. Or will you catch mice?

Mark just laughed softly. It looks like the journey won’t be easy.


Tale of the Eternal 14Skizi NotesOctober 24, 2021

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