Cat in snot…

OK. OK. Recently, everyone ran into me — it was necessary to clean up the eggs. Yes, I know!)) I was just upset and did not have time.

But today it’s not my fault!

I felt bad and stayed at home. The cat is despondent. It feels like I’m disturbing him! He followed and yelled at me. Just sit down, he bites on the heels and yells. I’ll get up, go to the bathroom, yelling again. She began to tidy up, walks on the heels and checks. That was just enough for me!

— What do you want! — I was indignant.

— Uuu ururru urruru uu! — Instantly began to list the cat.

Cooked dinner, checked every ingredient. Twice overturned the trash can, and fell behind only when I started throwing potato peels at him! In the end, we almost got into a fight. I use his towel, he paws me.

I also had to work remotely. So he turned off the laptop three times, and once showed his ass to the director. Of course, the tail lifted in advance!

— Skizi, don’t bother me!!! — I hissed. -You prevent me from working!!!

— Ururu uuuuuu!!

— Aren’t you supposed to sleep twenty hours???

-Uuu rurur uuuu!!

In general, by the evening I was already waiting for Sasha, like the second coming. The apartment is cleaned, the floors are washed, dinner is ready. The disgruntled cat sits under the door, also waiting. Well, wait, you furry ass. I’ll go while I make a mask for myself. From eggs. The mask is simple but I like it. Two yolks, two tablespoons of butter and a spoonful of honey. Grind everything and heat in a water bath. I pulled out the plate with a towel, burned myself a little and put everything as it is on the countertop. It only took a second for this … furry one to stick its curious nose into the bowl. Not from the countertop, but from the floor. Rostochka just wasn’t enough. Therefore, he pulled up the towel so that it was better to look. I managed to grab the bowl with the mask, although I burned myself. But the glass of proteins overturned. Oil painting. A cat in snot, it’s called. Of course he yelled. And he ran. And he dropped snot all over the apartment. But you know, liquid eggs are easier to wipe than those which are already dry. The cat had to be washed. Sasha will also praise. Well done, wife, not only cleaned the apartment, but also washed the cat. Good girl. The cat was just unhappy. For some reason. In general, it would be better to go to work. I don’t need this weekend! Well, with the eggs will have to temporarily tie.

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