Tale of Eternal 12

The day got hot again. Mark pulled off his jacket and stuffed it into his bag. Walking became more and more difficult. Lilith walked tirelessly.

-Eeeh, if I had my power, I would open the teleport. We would cross the whole world in a matter of moments. — She sighed whenever he needed rest. — It’s a pity that you can’t do anything like that!

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Mark just glared at her. In fact, he pestered his grandmother with it.

“I got really angry as a kid that I got some stupid gift of communicating with the dead, and not some useful superpowers. — Unexpectedly for himself, he said.

-Useful, what are they? — Lilith asked.

— Well, for example teleport. How much time could be saved if you did not have to spend it on the road!

— Save for what? Lilith chuckled.

“For something important.” Mark shrugged lightly.

-What else? What else did you want?

Mark thought, remembering, and almost got a branch in the face.

— Fly, of course. And also be strong. And when my grandmother died, I really wanted to be able to return the dead.

He sat down on a fallen tree trunk and took out a bottle of water from his bag. He took a long sip and handed the bottle to Lilith. She just shook her head.

-What about you? Are you not eating at all?

— I don’t need to. That is, it is necessary, but not such food. She replied with a slight shake of her head.

— Baked babies in their own juice? Mark chuckled as he stood up.

Lilith laughed.

-Oh yeah! It’s a special delicacy.» But then she shook her head. -I don’t eat flesh. Only soul. I absorb emotions. The best thing is fear. In this regard, you are not edible. You are not afraid of anything, you are only surprised.

— You said you ran away. Can you tell me why and from where?

Mark wiped sweat from his forehead. The sun burned with all its might, and even the trees did not save. The bag was already tangibly pulling the shoulder and it became more and more difficult to walk. You need to think about a halt. Better by the river, if he can manage a few more kilometers.

“You don’t know how to use household magic at all?” Lilith was surprised, pointing to the bag.

— Grandma did. But I don’t have that ability. I can not. It’s much better with combat magic. With protection too. But not with household. Mark complained.

-Give me. Lilith yanked the bag off his shoulder with determination.

Mark did not notice any divination, it seemed that she just looked inside and immediately returned it to him.


He weighed the bag in his hand and was pleasantly surprised, wow, the weight was not felt at all.

— I can relieve you of fatigue. But it will be an illusion. Then the body will still take its toll in double volume. Better tell me something else.

— Come on, you’re first.

— I escaped from prison because I could. For many decades I was looking for a loophole and when I found it, I gladly took advantage of it. Adam must have been nailed for missing me. But, you know, I’ve been imprisoned for decades. And I don’t feel sorry for him! I’d run away just to annoy him. Selfish asshole.

Mark didn’t wonder if she was lying or not. Then take care to separate the truth from the lies.

-What did you do to get imprisoned?

Come on, Mark. All that’s left is to climb that hill. Then go down to the river and halt. Be patient.

— Killed an angel.

— I thought it was an eternal confrontation. Angels vs demons and all that.

-Funny. They just have better PR.

They finally climbed the hill. Mark leaned against the trunk of a large pine tree and wiped sweat from his forehead. Some more. Below, the river wound like a silver ribbon.

— Freeze. Lilith’s voice sounded demanding, and Mark intuitively obeyed. A moment later, he himself smelled a sharp musky smell. And after two more, a bear got out of the bushes right on them. Lilith repeated. -Do not move!


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