Cat and tomatoes.

How I miss the summer, the cottage. Not enough air and birdsong. Now I spend all my free time on the Internet, looking for something that can be planted. No vegetables. Only flowers, bushes, trees.

By the way, Zen is small. I found Sasha’s colleague here.

Tomato There was no sadness — we bought a summer cottageOctober 20, 2021

I remember those tomatoes…

Sasha brought home. Say, gifts from someone else’s dacha. The cat and I peered into the bag with curiosity. A strange beast, smells like a tomato, tastes like tomatoes too, but looks like grapes.

-You’re the first! — I shoved one berry under the cat’s nose.

“Uuu aaaa!” Skizi bounced back a good two meters. Also cheated. — Wow wow wow!!

Well, okay. Be the first to taste these strange tomatoes of yours! There is no need to experiment on animals here! And it seems he tried to threaten me with the Geneva Convention. Too fucking smart. It’s time to wind the tail so as not to be conceited.

I stuck my tongue out at him and went to make a salad. Planed, seasoned and laid it out on plates. I didn’t get the meat yet, the cat is still in the house. And he does not sleep. She went to call her husband. We live in one. Didn’t have to go far. But the cat still did.

He sits like this in Sasha’s armchair and rakes lettuce leaves from his plate to the sides, and puts tomatoes in his mouth. This is a real betrayal of cucumbers !!

— Hey!!! — I yelled.

— Woo wow. — The cat was indignant, grabbing the last one on the go.

Looks like good tomatoes. Delicious. Make a note to yourself, never plant such. A poor little cat will devour it in the bud, and it’s difficult to wash it off later. So I can imagine how he builds nests from them. Infection.

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