Tale of Eternal 11

— So will you help me? Lilith looked into his eyes questioningly.

“Uh-huh.” The witcher muttered. He helped her out of the basement and meticulously closed the lid. From above he imposed the seal of inviolability.

The beginning of the story is here:


Then he looked into the closet, meticulously selected a few herbs. Now it was necessary to draw a rune. I laid out the diary on the table in order to better see the original sample, found an old notebook, but there was a hitch with a pencil.

— What are you doing? — Lilith was surprised when he reached under the table.

— It seems that Shadow was playing with a pencil somewhere! You need to write a rune.

We don’t have time to write! We need to get off! — Nervously noticed Lilith.

Mark looked back at Lilith, and accidentally bumped his forehead into the leg of the table.

— Yes, what is it! — He flared up, crawling out into the light. “Find something to write that damn rune on!”

Why write it at all!? Lilith was surprised. “Adam is about to show up!”

-Excellent. Let grab a pen! Mark snorted. “Because without that rune, he’ll be here in ten minutes.

— So I’m going to die because your cat ate a pencil?? Lilith even stamped her foot in anger.

— Well … I’ll treat him with sour cream for this!

— Muurruuuuuuuu? — Instantly appeared on the threshold of a cat. And even licked his lips all over.

-Where are you going with the pencil? — Mark was indignant, but remembering that he had seen another somewhere, he hurried to the shelf. Wonderful. He always knew that this cat would be nothing but trouble!

-Uurraow! — Shadow was indignant, and sadly looked into the bowl.

-Where’s the sour cream? — An angry, impossibly grouchy voice frightened Mark, and he quickly turned around. We were talking about sour cream!

Mark looked around, afraid to see someone who looked like Adam, but only Lilith was in the room. And Shadow.

— Ask quickly! We have little time. She glanced at Shadow.

“Did… you bewitched my cat???” Mark would have been more surprised, but time was running out too fast. And he stared at the cat demandingly. — Get your pencil back!

— I didn’t take it! — Cut off the cat. And again he stared sadly at the empty bowl.

Lilith grabbed the carcass and gave it a good shake.

-Live. Bring back. Pencil!!!

— I didn’t braaaal!!

Mark shook his head. No time for nonsense! Runes can be written not only with a pencil. He took out a knife and made a small incision on his arm. He carefully drew a symbol on the paper, hoping that he hadn’t made a mistake anywhere. Then I drew a second one.

-Let meeenyayaya zlaaayayaya zhenshchiiinaaaaa!

“I don’t even touch you!!” Lilith yelled back.

-BUT. Well, yes! — The cat came to his senses. And then he added with resentment. — But sour cream never appeared!

Mark just rolled his eyes. Then he tried to concentrate and weave the herbs into a strong bundle. Each was wrapped in paper with a bloody rune and put into canvas bags. Read a complex spell.

-Keep close to your body. Let’s go. This will hide from any non-human eyes.

— I’m going too! — Said the cat. Mark, unaccustomed, shied away again.

-Well, I do not!

-Who will feed me?

Lilith threw the cat outside and Mark locked the door.

-Catch mice!

They went into the forest under the grumbling of a too plump cat. Mark himself felt sorry for the poor fellow. How to keep up with a mouse with such a belly ?? Here the villagers will be fed, but where they are going, nothing is clear at all. Let the cat stay safe.


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