Tale of Eternal 10

“You.. They told the truth about you.” Lilith whispered, stepping back.

Are you leaving or are you explaining? The witcher asked sternly.

If I had told you right away, you wouldn’t have believed me.

For all his feigned calm, he was practically panicking. The spell took more power than he was willing to spend. And most importantly, it is not clear how long it will act and how many more times it will have to be applied.

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-Are you tired. I can help with that. She placed a small hand on his chest and concentrated. She mumbled something unintelligible and quickly.

— Do not even think! — He intercepted her hand, pushing away from him. “That was all I needed.

— It’s just power, Mark. — Lilith sighed. — You decide how to use it.

But he wasn’t listening anymore. He quickly walked back to the house. The shadow slid in after him, rumbling something displeased.

-You’re still missing! Mark sighed, but then smiled. — You’re good, you didn’t get lost.

— Wow. — The cat agreed and got used to the leg.

— Let’s go. Let’s eat sour cream.

Having hastily treated the cat, the witcher threw back the lid of the cellar. Found an old kerosene lamp. Grandma still used it. There is even something to fill. And what to do if the light did not manage to lead there, and the batteries in the flashlight ran out last summer. Went down to the basement and looked around.

— Blimey! Lilith jumped down lightly and looked around admiringly. — It’s a treasure trove!

Mark chuckled a little. Few could appreciate this place. The basement was not a basement in the classical sense of the word. A large, dry, low-ceilinged room, cursed with moisture and mold, contained an invaluable library. Every spell ever used by anyone of his kind was meticulously recorded and preserved for posterity. Books on magic. Ancient treatises on magic. The old tomes stood in tight rows from wall to wall. From floor to ceiling.

-Mark. — Lilith sank into an old shabby chair at the same old table. The witcher put a lamp on it and walked thoughtfully along the cabinets. “I was forced to run.

-And what do I have to do with it? Mark pulled out one book, flipped through it thoughtfully, and put it on the floor. There must be something here for sure. But try to find more.

— You have nothing to do with it. I’m sorry. The place is important. Here is one of the strongest sources of magic. To prevent them from tracking me down, I had to get rid of my power. Enclose in an amulet and hide. Put it in a prominent place, is that what you people call it? But in such places there are always people like you. I had to take a closer look at you. And I liked what they say about you THERE.

-What do they say? Mark listened absently, turning over one book after another. I looked through something and returned it to its place, put something aside. It is a pity that I did not have time to classify the library to the end. Each owner had his own order here, understandable only to him.

— That you are fair. And honest. And you always do what you set out to do.


-But it doesn’t matter, they’ll be back soon and pick me up. Maybe then you’ll finally get some sleep?

-And what are you up to? Better hurry up. I found this sign. — He turned the book to her, and pointed to the spread. He will work for another half an hour.

Help me take my power back. Please.

Mark narrowed his eyes. He sensed a lie. It’s like someone is looking at your back. Itching feeling, unpleasant. He shuddered. Lost power — it seems to be true. Is it just yourself? Can this handsome guy help? And then what, lost? Dropped from heaven to earth?! It happens? It was all terribly strange.

— I don’t believe a single word. he sighed.

“Of course, why would you believe a demon?” Lilith was saddened. “Please, just help me and I swear I will disappear from this world for a very long time.

-Really? “Looks like the truth, really. But how can you trust a creature with black eyes?

-Truth. This world is not the only one.

Mark pulled out a thin handwritten notepad wrapped in real pigskin. I flipped through, not really hoping for luck. Thin pages were written up and down. Runes, magic signs, spells and recipes for potions. I was about to toss it aside when I suddenly noticed something important. Found.


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