Tale of Eternal 9

“You won’t believe it.” Lilith said, peering intensely into the darkness.

— And you try! — Mark stretched out his hands and quickly muttered the words of the spell. A sphere formed in his palms. It shimmered in every shade of blue and grew rapidly. In a matter of seconds, she swallowed both the hut and the garden. Covered with an invisible dome and bestowed protection. Much stronger than the simple outline that stood before.

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Convinced that no one was going to attack them right now, he turned to Lilith.

You have a couple of minutes to tell me everything. And then I’ll put you abroad.

He went into the kitchen. He took out a mortar and placed it on the table with a thud. I looked into the closet. Shadow clung to his leg and tried to keep up. He even poked his head into the closet for Mark, which made him sneeze. The witcher just rolled his eyes and pushed the cat out the door. So, nettle, wormwood, lavender, white sage. Everything seems to be. Powdered herbs. Walked around frozen in the middle of the room Lilith and stopping in the middle of the garden whispered a spell. He grabbed the powder in his palm and tossed it up. The dust particles froze in the air. Then, as if performing a strange dance, they slowly began to spin. Like a swarm of small bees, they either approached or scattered until they finally decided on the direction and rushed in different directions. North South West East. Each side has a strong defense.

He returned to the hut and stopped in front of Lilith. He raised an eyebrow questioningly. She was silent. Mark sighed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the exit. Lilith didn’t resist. Silently followed. In front of the protective dome, he stopped, and again stared at her questioningly. Black eyes stared blankly.

“Are you serious?” he screeched.

— You still won’t believe it. She shrugged.

Yes, she’s teasing!

-And you try. Otherwise, I swear, I’ll push you out of here with your ass!

-Irrelevant. — She said, looking distantly somewhere to the side. “It’s all useless.

-Why? — He was surprised.

-This is protection from the dark forces. From people like me.” She sighed.

— So… you mean, you’re being followed by… an angel? God?? Who??

-Almost guessed. — Said a male voice. Mark turned around slowly. The owner of such a wonderful velvet baritone calmly entered under the protection of the kupala. But he was definitely not human. — Honey, where are your manners? Imagine me!

Mark with difficulty averted his eyes from such an impossible spectacle. The stranger was handsome. Strange, rather peculiar beauty. Her straw-colored hair fell in a curly cascade below her waist. Blue eyes are colder than ice. Courageous facial features and unthinkable attire, consisting of … dresses? tunics? and capes. With the same success, he could wrap himself in a curtain.

-Adam. Lilith breathed out.

Mark stared at her dumbfounded.

“Your…well…uh…” The tongue refused to turn.

— I prefer the status bestowed by my father. Deputy God on Earth. Prophet. Adam spoke with inspiration, and Mark badly wanted to wake up. For real. For the first time in his life, he couldn’t believe what was happening. Even when he first saw the spirit and was able to talk to it, he wasn’t so dumbfounded.

«What the hell is going on here!??» he fumed.

-Mooow. Meow. Uuuurrr. — Shadow gave a voice, not at all afraid of the newcomer.

All three of them stared at the cat, and Shadow shied away a little.

-Ahem.- Adam broke the silence. Your cat scolded me.

Mark let out a nervous laugh. Five points, Shadow. Five points.

-OK OK. — Pulling himself together, the witcher said seriously, addressing the man. — Can you explain what’s going on here? Well, from male solidarity after all. Or to annoy this one? He pointed his finger behind his back in an impolite manner. He shuddered as he felt cold fingers lightly touch the skin on his lower back. She took hold of the hem of his T-shirt like a child. She leaned her forehead against her back.

-The entire heavenly army is looking for her. Led by me, of course. This is a cunning demon. He took advantage of your kindness, confused your mind. Don’t let her confuse you, little one! Just step aside. — The handsome man spoke with inspiration in his wonderful musical voice.

Mark winced. What was happening did not fit in my head. What is something, but this has not happened to him yet.

-And why do you, well … er … heavenly army …. demon?

-What do you mean why? She got away and I have to get her back. I command you, do not believe a single word she says!

— You order? — Mark snorted.

He had never imagined that he would have to fight the angels. It is clear that any sane person is on the side of light, life, and goodness. But my grandmother was a wise woman.

-Power is power, Mark. She has no poles. It all depends on whose hands it will be. And no, life is not black and white. What is good for everyone may be bad for you.

But isn’t it necessary to sacrifice yourself in such cases? he asked, horrified at the old woman’s stupidity.

-Set priorities wisely. God works in mysterious ways. How do you know what’s best for Him? But you can know what’s best for you. And he must be able to defend himself against any threat. Too much light is also not good.

Sedition, the old witch is out of her mind! Why should he learn such nonsense? But now he wasn’t so sure anymore. Maybe the old cheat knew then that he would have to prioritize. He looked back at Lilith. Black eyes showed nothing. Only a wrinkle on his forehead betrayed tension.

— It’s not for you. — Mark sighed, and with a wave of his hand he sent the only spell known to him effective «against the light» at Adam.


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